Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Senior Pictures "/

Senior Pictures is one of the most scarest things of your senior year ; anything can go wrong what if you have a pimple a day before your suppose to take your pictures . What if you hair is sticking up and you didnt know , I know you saying this is something minor . To me It's not something minor because I am not good at taking pictures I always do something and It comes out ugly . Plus Highschool is the last year book you will ever take in your life , and people will remember it for the rest of their life . So I think its best to make sure your picture is close to perfect . You should make sure you get a good picture that you are satisfied with ; there is always retake make sure you get a manicure because that also can be something that is very embrassing to look back on .  The picture above Tyra Banks , is very nice because nothing was wrong in her picture , But on the other hand I know you are probably thinking hey she doesnt count because she was always a model since she was very young .

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