Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Natural Beauty !!

Short hair is so beautiful to me , some people mostly teenager would never dare to cut there hair because they feel like hair defines them . I believe hair is just a asset  that make your beauty shine but I seen a lot of famous celebrities that are able to pull of short hair. I seen females that are "BALD" and they are still able to be so beautiful .Natural Beauty comes from the inside I would say , If you are a nice caring person the beauty will shine on the outside and people will see your real colors. The world makes Beauty seem like you have to have big breast , a big but and long hair to be define as a pretty the person you should already know who I refering to would be "Nikki Minaj". I see alot of teenage girl that come to school wearing excessive amount of makeup and ; they wear alot of things that I would fine inappropriate for an educational enviroment . They come to school dressing like they are about to go to the club . These young teenage girls look up to celebrities like "Nikki Minaj" , because they are so called barbies and I guess that makes them "Perfect" . No one in this world is perfect we all have flaws that we learn to embrace , but with imperfections  that makes us who we are . 

Can you Tell me the difference  Between Natural & "Perfect "

Emma Watson short hair

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  1. I strongly agreed with you, I feel like teens this days like to go with the flow instead of being creative. I like to mix my style and try to avoid the crowd and try out new styles to fit along with my personality.:]