Thursday, May 26, 2011

Resturants !

"TGIF" Don't we all like Fridays

Date of Review : Fridays May 25 2011  

Fridays has the best cheese burgers , If your looking for a one of the best burgers you should go to Fridays . There burgers ARE MADE WITH 100% USDA CHOICE BLACK ANGUS BEEF, FIRE-GRILLED TO PERFECTION AND ARRANGED ON A BRIOCHE BUN WITH FRESH LETTUCE, PICKLES, ONION AND VINE RIPE TOMATOES. SERVED WITH SEASONED FRIES . They also have different type of burgers cheese burgers , turkey burgers . The service at Fridays is so nice the waitiers greet you with so much care , and compassion . This is a Family resturant. If you would like to have a bevrage you should try Berry strawberry smoothie , it soo nice and the strawberries makes the drink taste even more splended .

Monday, May 16, 2011

The WORLD ending O_o

 Well reports says that , the world is going to on Saturday "May 21 2011" Idont believ this because people say this everytime some distator or something bad happens . People are jusrt making up silly conclusion which will not happen . I am a christain and the Bilble says you will never know the day or hour  God is going to come . So I think people need to stop making these silly comments and just get their life together before its too late , God will come but we will just not knopw , I am not worried about the world ending because I am postive its not going to end on saturday May 21 2001. Do you believe the world is going to end this saturday ?

Rihanna & Chris Brown Talking again

Chris Brown & Rihanna now talk , Rihanna removed the restraining order she placed on Chris brown back in 2009 . The ex couple can now speak on the phone they can be seen in public and they also can be in the same room (Chris Brown fans this is good news for you ) Now he can finally attend an award show .I believe they are going to get back together because if she is willing to removed the restraing order she is willing to try and fix this relationship . I want them to get back to gether because I believe they both love each other but the media is making it hard for them to try and fix things . If Rihanna goes back with him then she won't be setting a good example for other females that are in a abusive relationship . I believe if you truely love someone you should try and make things work , dont get me wrong "ABUSE IS WRONG" . True love always deserve a second chance , and there is counseling , before they even consider getting back into a relationship they need to see everything that was wrong before and fix it .  Do you think Rihanna & Chris brown should get back together ?

108482514 The Rollin Crew Discuss Rihanna & Chris Brown Playing Nice


Friday, May 13, 2011

Alicia Keys

ALICIA KEYSAlicia Keys is celebrating her first album "Songs in A minor" This album, came out in 2001 , When Alicia came out into the game she changed the whole music world . She came out with her piano and her long braids , and she had such a soul full voice all her songs were inspirational and they still are . Alicia key was born on January  25 1981 in New York . Alicia Keys was always into the piano  at age seven she began taking lesson, when she was younger she would always go and start to play .Keys was nominated as Valedictorian of her graduating class when she was in high school after only spending 3 years in high school .Alicia Keys decided to drop out of college "Columbia University" to pursue her dream of a career in music. She Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002. Alicia Keys is now married to swizz beats (music p) ; they have a Child named Egypt . I am Proud to say Alicia Keys is my role model because she done a lot in her career and she is very humble .  She is someone that every little girl out there that wants to become a singer and has determination should look up to.  Alicia is also the  co-founder and global ambassador for “Keep a Child Alive,” a non-profit organization that provides medications and support to children and families of HIV/AIDS-stricken countries in Africa.

Alicia Keys is the co-founder and global ambassador for "Keep a Child Alive," a non-profit organization that provides anti-retroviral medications and support to children and families of HIV/AIDS-stricken countries in Africa.  The singer/songwriter is also a major contributer to Frum tha Ground Up, a non-profit organization that provides young people with scholarships.  Keys received the BET Humanitarian of the Year award earlier this year, alongside singer, Wyclef Jean.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Natural Beauty !!

Short hair is so beautiful to me , some people mostly teenager would never dare to cut there hair because they feel like hair defines them . I believe hair is just a asset  that make your beauty shine but I seen a lot of famous celebrities that are able to pull of short hair. I seen females that are "BALD" and they are still able to be so beautiful .Natural Beauty comes from the inside I would say , If you are a nice caring person the beauty will shine on the outside and people will see your real colors. The world makes Beauty seem like you have to have big breast , a big but and long hair to be define as a pretty the person you should already know who I refering to would be "Nikki Minaj". I see alot of teenage girl that come to school wearing excessive amount of makeup and ; they wear alot of things that I would fine inappropriate for an educational enviroment . They come to school dressing like they are about to go to the club . These young teenage girls look up to celebrities like "Nikki Minaj" , because they are so called barbies and I guess that makes them "Perfect" . No one in this world is perfect we all have flaws that we learn to embrace , but with imperfections  that makes us who we are . 

Can you Tell me the difference  Between Natural & "Perfect "

Emma Watson short hair

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Senior Pictures "/

Senior Pictures is one of the most scarest things of your senior year ; anything can go wrong what if you have a pimple a day before your suppose to take your pictures . What if you hair is sticking up and you didnt know , I know you saying this is something minor . To me It's not something minor because I am not good at taking pictures I always do something and It comes out ugly . Plus Highschool is the last year book you will ever take in your life , and people will remember it for the rest of their life . So I think its best to make sure your picture is close to perfect . You should make sure you get a good picture that you are satisfied with ; there is always retake make sure you get a manicure because that also can be something that is very embrassing to look back on .  The picture above Tyra Banks , is very nice because nothing was wrong in her picture , But on the other hand I know you are probably thinking hey she doesnt count because she was always a model since she was very young .

Friday, May 6, 2011

My Blogs !!!

 I was satisfied with my latest newsletter project because when I was finished It looked like something that I would really consider buying if it was at a new stand. I was also proud of what I accomplished , I never thought in a million years that I would be able to complete something that was so profound .
On page one I wanted to catch my audience attention so I used a topic that most of my readers should have some sort of idea about , that topic would be "LOVE" . Page two was about some fashion trends that are starting to have a big impact on high school students , I decided to use fashion as my second page to settle down the mood of my news letter . Page three was mainly about famous people and their lives, I talked about singers that I thought had a good back grounds and good music . On page four I talked about things that people would find interesting

I developed as a blogger by learning how to explain my topics more into details , and expressing my self threw indirect ways , letting my readers learn to figure out what I am implying without actual giving it to them . My weakness I need to overcome would be learning spelling and grammer , thats the most difficult part of being a writer for me , because I have all the ideas but these ideas dont mean anything if people dont understand what you are writing. My Blogs shows how I grew throughout the school year , I used to write in big font , If I had nothing to say but now , I write in the normal size font so, because know I have alot to say and I say it , without holding back . As a student I learned to be myself and dont let anyone hold me back from expressing my thoughts . As a writer I just became more stronger because I love to write .