Friday, May 6, 2011

My Blogs !!!

 I was satisfied with my latest newsletter project because when I was finished It looked like something that I would really consider buying if it was at a new stand. I was also proud of what I accomplished , I never thought in a million years that I would be able to complete something that was so profound .
On page one I wanted to catch my audience attention so I used a topic that most of my readers should have some sort of idea about , that topic would be "LOVE" . Page two was about some fashion trends that are starting to have a big impact on high school students , I decided to use fashion as my second page to settle down the mood of my news letter . Page three was mainly about famous people and their lives, I talked about singers that I thought had a good back grounds and good music . On page four I talked about things that people would find interesting

I developed as a blogger by learning how to explain my topics more into details , and expressing my self threw indirect ways , letting my readers learn to figure out what I am implying without actual giving it to them . My weakness I need to overcome would be learning spelling and grammer , thats the most difficult part of being a writer for me , because I have all the ideas but these ideas dont mean anything if people dont understand what you are writing. My Blogs shows how I grew throughout the school year , I used to write in big font , If I had nothing to say but now , I write in the normal size font so, because know I have alot to say and I say it , without holding back . As a student I learned to be myself and dont let anyone hold me back from expressing my thoughts . As a writer I just became more stronger because I love to write .

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