Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Under age drinking ; Live above the influence .

photoDrinking is something that can start off fun but then it can lead to something total awful . That's why the drinking age is 21 , but students that attend high school even younger then that may be drinking . Students that drink or kidsthat drink is inspired to try because of their friends if your friends are forcing you to do something then they truly are not your friends. The drinking age is 21 so kids should obey the rules and start doing the right things , don't listen to your friends to influence you in falling down in the wrong path .  I like how they advertise the campaign "Above the Influence " to make kids really think about the choice they make , sometimes the choice you make now will effected you in the long run . Teens think drinking is cool but it really is'nt when you lost a friend to drunk driving . For more information go to  to help prent teens from drinking

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