Friday, May 6, 2011

Do you release Pic; or no ? of Osama

Would you release pictures of Osama Bin Laden , to prove to your citizens that he really is dead ? Honestly  I would because the government is constantly lieing to us so we would not have no choice but to see the facts. This will also bring up the issue that people will not believe that he really is dead.  On the other hand I can understand why President Obama doesn't want to release the picture because It can be a little bit to graphic for the people . If we release the pictures there is a great possibilities that our children might see something that we wouldn't want them to see, and we may be corrupting there mind  and publicising killing . Showing the pictures can show the other countries that we are serious about our security that you can't kill millions of innocent people and get away with it  , we wanted to get justice for all of the 911 victims . We waited for this for years for this to happen nine and half long years. we are finally going to get our justice and we are not willing to let our county rejoice in this time of hope .There is alot of people out there that want to see the pictures and there are peopl that just wants not to remember what happened on this day .

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