Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crush :D

Cute Crush Songs Mix - Teen Fashion Blog 
When you have a crush on someone , why is it that they are the only person you think about . How do you know when you really like the person or could it just be just for that moment you like them . Having a crush on someone is just like putting your heart in a plastic Ziploc bag and letting it get freezer burn . If you keep your feelings to yourself then you will regret it later on in the future you would have all theses "what if " feelings . I think it is bestto tell your crush that you like them cause you never know they may feel the same way about you . The worst part of letting your crush know that you like them is them saying they dont feel the same way about you , or if they say they look at you as a "Sister or Brother" :( . I know we all have that person inside of that doesnt want to get turn down or hurt . If you dont open up you will never know how he or she feel about you . So my advice would be to tell him or her , cause life is just too short to regret anything .

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