Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The tsunami in japan was a devastating disastor and to cause more worrys about this situation was the floodgate that was supposed to prevent the wave of the tsunami from going through did not work . So the firefighter tried to close the gate by hand ; they tired to close it by hand but 30 firefighters got washed away by the waves of this tsunami . The chief firefighter felt so bad and full of regret because he was not able to help his firemen . He said he spends every day looking for his firemen that were washed away by the waves . He found 500 of his Firemen .,but they were dead so he is still hoping to look for possible people that may be alive .10,000 of his men are still misssing I think he is so brave and strong because he believe their is hope . Even if he is angry with his self that he could not stop the waves to come in , he even tried to help people by saying "run for your lives " and they did .

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