Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earthquake in japan

The earthquake in Japan is irrevocable because the lives that were lost and the homes that were destroyed . The people in Japan that got effected by this natural disaster with have to start over to rebuild their life . My feelings for the people that this effected is melancholy. I read an article that said all US citizens that are living in Japan are being  evacuated. . The earthquake also cause the nuclear plant to malfunction and it send out radioactive chemicals that can be harmful to the body if you are exposed to excessive amount . The Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said that high levels of radioactive substances were found in seawater near the plant, but said that the results did not show a threat to human health .
   The Japanese government has banned the sale of raw milk and spinach because it was close to where the plant is located .(Fukushima Prefecture) Japan has said it will cost as much as 25 trillion yen to rebuild the country According to the World Bank, Japan will need up to five years to rebuild and recover from the damage caused by this earthquake . Japan is facing power shortages as well as difficulty shifting products around the country, this is a very difficult time for them.The tap water in japan is unfit for babies because of radiation from Japan's They estimated that half a million people have been made homeless and some 300,000 people remain in evacuation centres or temporary housing.

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