Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arizona .. NEW FLAVORS !!!!!

ARIZONA is everyone favorite drink if you only have a dollar and your really thirsty , They come in may flavors watermelon , mango half and half , They also have two new flavors pina colada and blueberry white tea . Everyone has had an Arizona before their products are so good , the only flavor I buy is watermelon but I tried the new flavor pina colada and I  like it I think it will taste so much better if it is frozen with a little bit of ice in it  MARVELOUS :) . Arizona has its own website called www.  , on the website it shows you were you can find their product and it also shows you the different flavors they have , where this producted is made. I love arizona so I checked out this website to see what it is really about . They also have a number you can call ; I dont Love arizona that much dont worry I didnt call lml :)

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