Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Teen pregnancy

I know The picture above looks like having a baby is easy but its not , Teen pregnancy is very difficult not that I have experience but some of my friends have and I feel sorry sometimes for the girls because they have to go to school with people that might judge them and finish getting their education . After they have their baby that's when it gets even more difficult  because They have to support that child until that child is capable of taking care of their self . Some teen mom are buy theirself because the boy leaves them because they dont want to have the responsiblity of taking care of their baby , which I think is really wrong , If you was man enough to lay down in the bed with her you should be able to take care of the innocent child . Alot of children grow up without their father and I think that is so wrong because what did they deserve to be neglated by their own father . Sometime not having a father will be hard on them in the future they will proabaly feel like people will never be there for them so they wont open up to be people . To prevent all of this from happen is absence from sex because birth control and safe sex is not 100% .

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