Monday, March 14, 2011

Usher , OM(GOSH) !!!!!!

 Usher is one of the best R&B singer in my opinion , he knows how to make females feel good about them self he also knows how to talk about things that men do wrong to hurt females . He has a song called "His Mistakes " Its about a women who feels that she cant love again because the past man she gave her heart to he broke it , so Usher talks about how you can't make him pay for what the other man did , trust that he wont hurt you . This is one of my favorite songs cause I can relate to it . He has another song called "Confessions Pt II"  and I like this song also because ; he talks about how men cheat and you should just tell the truth no matter how bad it may hurts . This song is sad but at least he is being honest with her and his self  and being honest with the one he love . Another song that I think is funny is a song called "Blocking" which talks about how a guy trys to to talk to this girl , but the girls friend keeps blocking him because she likes him and she wants him to talk to her . This song is so true and funny at the same time because I experience this before and I seen my friends do stuff like this . On the other hand Usher has alot of good songs and he is a GREAT singer that has alot of soul and believes in everything that he sings .

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