Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bullying ; Is not Cool !!!!

Bullying is a form of abuse , It can be physcial or emotional pain or scars because it will allways stay with that person even if you don't intentionaly mean to hurt them   . Bullying can lead to suicide because when someone is constantly bothering someone at school it can make them depressed and they would rather kill themself then coping with the situation  , I believe that it is very wrong for someone to experience being bullied . Sometimes people dont even realize that they are bullying someone ; There's cyberbullying which happens everyday and the person that is bullying does'nt realize that they are doing that .

Cyberbullying Can Be Prevented
  1. Always be careful about what you may say on ( facebook , myspace any other social network )
  2. Set private password ; and ONLY tell people that you trust
  3. Don't add people that you don't know (be careful)
  4. Tell someone soons as you feel thike someone is emotionaly abusing you ; (remember if it HURTS then it WRONG )
Bullying Can stop

  1. If you see someone being bullied step in say something because the person that is bullying will feel bad and tell him/she that their wrong
  2. If your friends bully info them , tell them that they don't need to hurt someone in order to feel better
  3. Tell you teacher principle or someone that you can trust about the situation (if you don't want to get
  4. involed )
White House Conference on Bullying Prevention

I like how they are trying to make bullying stop by ; giving people information to help prevent bullying for occurring in their neighborhood . I like the fact that Obama is trying to stop this issue it is a big problem that happens everyday , and Im glad that he is standing on this issued .

  My thoughts on bullying I don't believe it will stop unless people start paying a fine every time someone does it . But this law will be kind of silly because people would not tell if they see something that is wrong . People will see something and not say anything because this world is scared of  being judged or sometimes people just like to minded their business . You can also let the person that is bullying attend one year of consulings for every person that they bullied . Example: 3 people bullied ; 3 years of consuling

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