Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Different O_o ; Isolation

    If you dress different or ; look different people may say away from you or talk about you . I dress different one day I wore a bookbage and some converese and I thought it was the end of the world because people kept asking me "Why are you wearing a bookbag ?" "Why do you have one that ?" I ask my self is it the clothes that make me who I am ? Im still the same . People in highschool feel like if you dont have this certain style or brand they can't talk to you or you may be different . Im tired of seeing people walking down the hallway with the same exact outfit on , to me I think thats so tacky there's so much different things you can do to stand out but everyone just wants to fit in . I love the fact that some people aren't  afarid to be different. One day I dress girly girl the next day I dress like a tomboy , I like to have fun with my outfits because you only have one life to live so be different !!  People in highschool only care about , name brand clothing to feel like they dress nice . Well thats just my opinion

    The outfit to your Right is something I would wear ; cause it has that funky touch to it  =======>

      photo  <======== This outfit is cool ,  because Its something very retro and funky as well

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