Friday, February 18, 2011

Titanic :(

Titanic-to-Enter-3D-World.jpg (436×352)I watched the movie Titanic , like last year over the summer for the first time and I was left in tears I cant believe that this is a true story that happened . It was a love story and a sad story at that ; majority of the people that where on the boat die , I couldn't believe it :( . Its a love story that everyone should watch , I watch this movie at least 5 times , The crazy thing is that I judged the book by the cover I thought this movie was going to be in black and  white and boring but when I finally started to watch it I became so into it . The hardest part for me was when the boat started sinking , I couldn't hold back the tears . People where dieing and their wasn't enough boats for everyone to fit on and live , the rich upper class people got the opportunity to get on the rescue boats first . This is a good movie , the details and features where so real , I felt that I was apart of the movie . When the main character jack died I was so sad , he risked his own life for the women that he loved I find that to be so adorable. Rose was the lady that jack loved and he told her to never let go and stay alive for him and she did that . She fought her way to stay alive so she could keep that promise for him . Well I would do the same thing if I truly loved someone . This is a perfect explanation of true love . Now when your looking at the person that you love ask yourself this question . Would he or she die for you ? ....

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