Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am so Done !!!

relationship-conflict.jpgDo you find yourself giving up on the person that you truly love , because they wont change their ways and your just sick and tired of waiting !!! . Well I know exactly how you feel , I think if the person is not willing to change for the better then you should let them go . I'm not saying that you should force anyone to change but sometimes its better to let them know what you dislike about them and you sould come up with a compromise to see what can be fix and what wont work .If they are still stuck in their stubbord ways then maybe you should let them go because their just hurting you in the long run.  Staying with someone thats not treating you right is unbeleieve , you should be treated with  respect and not ANYONE disrespected you even if you love them with all your heart . I heared a saying that " If you Love someone you should let them go " . I rather let you go if you not going to be the person that  can treat me right . Sometimes love is blind , when you love someone you only see the good in that person  , and you dont see what is wrong . Im tired of being the one that pour out my heart trying to make it work if you really wont this to work as much as I do , then you should be putting some type of effort as well . I know a lot of people deal with this problem , as humans we dont know when its best to let go , we think that just because we love someone we should stick with them , theres a diffrence with LOVE and RESPECT .  you have to respect someone in order to love !!! remember that

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