Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peoples Blogs

1.Katherine Ramirez- I like her blogs because I could relate to it and it was fun and it caught my eye.
2.Sarah Michelle - I like her blog because there was something exciting .
3.Shanice Davy -She had tips on how to be a good friend and I like how she had variety .
4.Shayaa - His blog was very different in a postive way
5.Shanice lynch -There was alot of  strong words , but she explained herself
6.Tashawna Dallas - I loved it , she gave alot of advice on different topics .
7.Chavonne Parks - FASHION is defentinaly her PASSION :) latest style , she the girl to see .
8.Jessica Lopez - She is the truth , speacks her mind and means it
9.Denzel Barrett- His blog was different , and I like some of his posts
10.Natural Parker- Her posts are very outgoing , she express her thoughts well .
11.Bibi- I can Tell she in LOVE , I didnt see alot of variety , but it was nice I took some of the advice she gave .
12.Tuesdae Imperial-  She had alot of topics that stood out , like fashion and etc.
13.Madhu Sharma - very Postive and nice thoughts that was expressed freely .
14.Andray Bramwell- He has a srong opion about things , he should be more open minded :) but I like it
15.Amina Zafar - I liked her post about Ethan Frome , and she was different first per5son I saw that had recipe!!! I think I might try 
16.Anthony Persaud - His post was not exciting because Im not interested in techonogy except one , with facebook and farmville
17.Ruthnie Degand - Her blog was exciting because she had alot that I related to cause Im a teenager
18.Andrea Maniram- I liked her post they where niice and it caught my eye .
19.Alexandria Rodriguez - Nice job that all I can say about her blog .
20. Tierra Green - Very interesting she had topic that I wanted to read .
21.Dejon Spear-Talked about sports and I like sports .
22. Danielle Satz - I like different and tlks about life .
23. Amber Clarke . Her blog site was very pretty and her topics was so exciting to read .
24.Fatima Baines - She had alote of topis that I thought was cute .

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