Friday, February 18, 2011

nail art !! art is so creative to me , I love how they put so much features into the design they do. Each nail is a different type of art I like how they make it to look so nice and neat . I think if you capable of doing nails then your capable of doing any kind of drawing . Being able to do nails is like the hardest type of art that I can think of because our working on a little surface but there is so much things that you can put into it . Nails are expensive depending on what type of designs you want , If you want something total different expect to come out your pocket, but if you just want french tips It shouldn't cost that much . Nails can bring out you outfit , I have friends that love to get their nails done , I got my nails done twice in my whole life so far the first experience for me was kind of weird cause I was not used to it , the second time I got the hand of it but then I broke like five nails . Nails aren't meant for everyone !! . I am to rough that's probably why I broke it , but on the other hand lml it was fun and I would get it done any time . Nails are a girls best friend , we can always depend on them to be there "hands or foot " :D

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