Sunday, January 23, 2011


Parenting is suppose to be a learning experience for you.I believe if teenagers have a baby at a young age they should take a parenting class because of you have a child there's alot of responsibilities that comes along the way . It is not easy to raise a child on your own,especial when your young . I seen some teenage parents that act just like their children . They don't know when it's time to become mature. You have to be able to care for your child until you child is able to care for yourself . If you don't be a good parent your child will just be miserable and cause this world to be a bad place . Lots of children out there feel lost and feel like no one loves them . My thought is if you can't provide for your child physically and mentally tour not a good parent , if you can't talk to your child without cursing and yelling then your not a good parent . You should be able to communicate with your child , if there's lack of communication then your child will never be able to express theirself to you they will be constanlly lieing .


  1. this is a good topic i like it. I also have something similar to this. its very interesting and give good advice and information on parenting. its alot of work to be a good parent. And people could learn from this

  2. I wrote something similar to this, although you went into more detail then i did. This is something need to read so that they can learn from it. This topic is perfect for a blog.

  3. i think u did a very nice job on this blog. This is so tru about parenting.People arent born to be parents just as children arent born to be adults. Just as children need guidance it wouldnt hurt if parents received a few pointers here and there.