Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Game is Back ; Season 4

The Game cast for Season 4 on BET
    The Game is a show about life of football players , and their girlfriends . They have to juggle being famous and also handing their own personal life's , The main  stars of the show is Melanie, Derwin ,Jason, Malik , Tasha and Kelly  . Melanie and Derwin is a married couple that been through a lot they been threw break ups and arguments , but at the end of the day they know that deep down they love each other . Kelly and Jason is a divorced couple that been through a lot of argument's and they have a daughter named Brittany together even though they both love each other they know its best to let go . Tasha is the mother of Malik , Malik is struggling in finding a lady that he truly wants to settle down with or he also can be scared of commitment . Tasha is also the person that keeps the rest of them together , even though she doesn't realize that sometimes she does things that are not  to wise This show is a good show to watch it shows people how to to manage being famous but still having a life  of your own .  The show has a lot of drama and it keeps the audience entertained . The show been off the air  for 2 years because it was losing its viewers but I believe that its going to be on for a while they have a variety of different kind of drama ; they have baby mama drama ; girlfriend and boyfriend drama and family drama . The show comes on every Tuesday at 10:pm on BET . I cant wait to watch it and I'm sure you will love it , check it out , if you have boyfriend problems or girlfriend problems this show will teach you how to coup with it .

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