Sunday, January 23, 2011


Fighting is not right but sometimes people deserve what they get , if you constantly think you can go around saying what you want then you should be able to take a beating. Sometimes it bet to walk away shut people can only take so much . When kids are being bullied in school they are filled with so much hatred towards people . I hate fighting and I don't like to agure with people. Some people in this world just love to agure and fight with people over the most stupidest things . I think it proably how they grew up seeing their parents agure and fight infront of them so they think it's a natural thing to do . If you are always fighting it's going to make you more stress. I promise myself that I won't have a physical fight with some one ever again because I am a lover not a fighter . I wil try to speack with words not with my hands


  1. i agree with you completely ! couldnt have explained it better myself

  2. thats true but if you know its not true let it go fighting dont really solve nothing you just gonna keep fighting because some1 said something about you

  3. i like your blog because its very positve and shows how you feel. i like this post in particular because i agree with everything you said. Fighting doesnt really solve anything and somethimes its best to just walk away.