Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1961Best Actress ; 2011 Best Actress

Natalie Wood  began acting at the age of four in the Miracle on 34th street , she also starred in a musical called West  Side Story . She was married to Roberet Wagner she said she always had a crush on him since she was little. Durning her life career she achieve a lot she was in many movies and she was one of the best actress in her time . But let fast forward now to 2011 , One of the best actress of 2011 was Sandra Bullock , Sandra Bullock was in the blind side she was awarded with Golden Globe award for best actress . In 2004 she was in a movie called Crash ,Sandra Bullock name is on the Hollywood walk of fame . Mrs Bullock also has her own production company "Fortis Film" her sis Gesine Bullock was president of the company . She is a family person as you can see , She was once engaged to actor Tate Donovan this relationship lasted for four years. Sandra Bullock been acting since she
1987  til now .

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