Thursday, January 6, 2011

Comedy !!

Comedy is something that suppose to make you happy and something that your suppose to enjoy ; I love people that can make me laugh . I find that a great talent to go on stage and make someone laugh , its a hard job to do because you have to make the jokes funny and , try not to offend any body or races . I make people laugh everyday people say I should be a comedian , but I say "Noo that's not where my heart is ". I love bring happiness to people I hate seeing people with a sad face that makes me feel sad . So i make it my job to make them smile or laugh .  I believe these are some of the best Comedians

Funny Comedians ....

1) Katt Willaims
2) Mo'Nique
3) Cedric the entertainer
4) Adam Sandler
5) David Chappelle

Adam Sandler  

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