Thursday, December 23, 2010


Fantasia , I love her music !!! she has been through a lot and she still manage to stay strong she tries to stay strong for her daughter and her family . She loves God I know that much people may talk about her and say that she tried to take her life but at that moment she wasn't thinking about anyone else but herself I understand how she might feel , she was constantly being hurt by guys and she was tired of it . I think she should just focus on her career and on god . God will provided her with a man when the time is right , She is a beautiful young lady and she fails to understand that I think she feels like she needs a man to justify who she is . She has a song called bittersweet I cry every time I hear it , because it reminds me of my ex , in the song she talking about when she thinks about him , its happy thoughts and also sad . There's also a song she has called "I'm doing me "Its really a good song and Its power full for all Lady's that put up with man and their lie , don't need to go threw what they put up with us .

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