Friday, December 10, 2010


I am scared today is report card day ; i hope i didn't fail any of my classes . I really hope my average didn't go down either cause my Christmas wont be that great if it goes down .My teacher Mrs Hassan gave me a 68 on mGrade , she better not put that on my average because i would have to go to my guidance consular and report her because she to young and she is inexperience to be teacher students she doesn't know how to teacher and she dress like a student -___- . I deserve at least a 85 in that class i do all my work . She give good grades to students that curse her out come late and disrupts the class .. I was gonna say "Mrs hassan is this the rules I have to follow to get a grade higher then a 70 in your class "

#1curse you out
#2 come late
#3 Don't do work

 I hate having a teacher that doesn't give me the grade I deserve !!

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