Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter festival

The winter festival at van was really nice ; I enjoy myself I lost my voice screaming :D I saw my friends performing lml , They had cheerleaders and , There were step teams and they had a the best drum line too.They had some flaws some of the solos people did not perform to the best of there ability . Also people there were that were not on the right key , but I had fun . My friend was nervous buy I gave him encouraging word to make him keep going because I love his voice and he feel like since he messed up he doesn't want to go through it again . I like how the step team was stepping ; the captain of the step leading ; Justin can really dance I really like how he was dancing ; Some of the people in the step team didn't look like they enjoy what they were doing .I like van could of made alot of money if they thought of selling ; chips juice cookies etc. They would of made alot of more money , but I cant wait til the next one that we have at van . !!!!!!!!

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