Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jazmine Sullivan !! DRAMA QUEEN

Jazmine Sullivan , new album called "love me back " She made her way by making songs that really are inspirational and true . Songs like "BUSTED YOUR WINDOWS "and "CIRCLES " , & "IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN ". These songs maybe very exaggerated but they speak truth so I understand why people may say she a drama queen . She made her way by singing very soulful and singing from her heart . I am looking forward for her new album because her voice is very powerfully and I am sure she touches a lot of young woman out in the world . In the song "LIONS TIGERS AND BEARS" she express herself by saying she not scared of those animal's but shes scared of loving that boy . I like how she used that way to show how she is scared of opening her heart to him ."I NEED YOU BAD" this song shows that when you leave the one you love , it may take a while to realize that you need them back in your life  . "IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN" this is one of my favorite songs & I can relate to this song alot , Its saying sometimes you fall out of love with someone and you find another love . I guess you can say that I am a big Jazmine Sullivan fan , I don't believe shes a drama queen I think she just speaks her mind and she sings what she feels .


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