Thursday, December 16, 2010

serial killer in the 21 century

In daily news they stated that Shannon Gilbert a prostitute age 24 was missing since May . Daily news said that the first body was discovered on Saturday at Giigo and Cedar beach . They did not have a lot of information on the crime but they stated the details to the best of their abilities . In this newspaper online this writer was not biased he listed all the information that was important . In the New York Post they did not have a serial killer on their website I spend at least 20mins searching for it but I could not find it .Now I just found out that the story was not a story , The lady that they said body it was , it wasn't her they mad a story about someone that was not even involved in what happened . So the newspaper did have a reasonable reason for writing the story .This story is getting ridiculous now , now their saying that their might not even be able to identify the bodies .  Both newspapers are saying that their might not even be a serial killer I think their blowing things out of proportion , they need to get the facts and when they get it then make a story out of it .

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