Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Combat Boots , Latest TREND

        Combat boot are back in style everyone is wearing ,they are not just wearing them on the battle Field they are wearing them in the fashion world to . If you go outside you will see at least 3 people with these boots on Dr Marten is the style for teenage girls , I rarely see any boys wearing them but I see a lot of girls with them . This boots are cute they come in many colors styles and they have that urban look to it . I would buy these boots because it brings out the tomboy in a person. I like how I see the teenage girls wearing them with skirts , dresses and leggings . They wear them in the rain snow sleet and if it is sunny outside .  I didnt even know that people wore these back in the 90s , I seen the yellow ones in an eposiode of Martin , the character shanaynay was wearing them . I was shocked :)  The only thing that I heard negative about these boots would be that the 1st time you wear them it can be uncomfortably , but after the first couple of wears you should get used to it. So if you interested in this trend by yourself a pair of Dr. Martins , I recommend them if you can pull it off !!    

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