Friday, February 4, 2011

Live Laugh & Learn

Tiffany Evans

My Blog is about everything ; I talk about all the topics  food ,entertainment etc. If I  was thinking about it today then I will discuss it , I want my blog to have a little bit of vareity so people wont get tired of visting my site . I just dont  want to talk about one topic .


February 03, 2011Isn't it so dang annoying when other people depend on you to do all the work? The last time you did a group project you complained bitterly about it. So what's with the role reversal? Don't dump your work on other people. Pitch in and do your work! 
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I Know some people that cant leave their house without reading their horoscope . I think its kind of silly that people base their lifes on what people say . If their horoscope says they shall meet a person with a red shirt they will not give up until they see that person because their horoscope says it .My sign is Aries , and I dont believe in ever thing that they say because sometimes its just a good prediction that the people who make up theses things . They have diffrent types of predictions like , The perfect mate  and money and life , I not going to lie one time I read my horoscope and it was right on point and I was happy because it gives you something to look for . I think horoscope was made to make people to think and live postive and to expects things out of their life . 

People should check out my blog if you want to have something interesting to look at. My blog dosent just focus on one topic it has many diffrent features and I am sure nyou will enjoy it . I talk about things that may come to my mind at the moment and Im sure you will like it . I talk about love and other things that I may see in my life as interesting. I also give my advice on certain topics because I am sure you would want to see what I have to say .People should read my blog because well hey it's me :) , and how I see things !!


  1. This is soo true. People alsways find away to connect whats going on thier life to their horoscope some kind of way. Very realistic.

  2. I just checked out my horoscope for today and it said that I would find a new guy or "crush" today for valentines day..... >.< I doubt it but I still have hopes ";]

  3. Very interesting, I love horoscopes,I also can not leave my house without reading my horoscopes!