Thursday, January 13, 2011


                                                                                           Ipod was the best invention invented of the 21 century, the ipod allows you to carry you music with you in a small convenient device . It's not like walkmans and CD players which were big and you had to walk around with CD's and cassesttes which was sometimes annoying . Ipods can hold multiple songs not just from one artist , you can also watch vidoes , record vidoes and go on the internet and you can also listen to the radio it can't get better then this . The ipod even allows you to text !!!! . Why do we need celphones just buy an ipod :) . Every year they find something to improve it more . If you dont want something big they come in samll sizes too ; but it doesnt do the same thing as the big
ones . Everyone that loves music has an ipod , mp3 and mp4 does'nt do the job that an ipod can do for you . Mp3 break to fast and then you have to replace them every year because you find a problem. Apple has a computer called the Ipad and its a touch screen , I think that's so cool and people will really enjoy it , The only problem with Ipods would be that they are very expensive , But its worth it.
Apple iPod nano 6G gets Touchscreen


  1. i think that this post is true and it is a good thing to use when you go to skool and when you go to work and workout every morning

  2. i like your blog because it expresses and explains how you see the world threw your eyes, this blog in particular is very good because everybody loves music, who can livewithout it?