Monday, January 10, 2011

Bestfriends Or Friends with Benifits

      Is it okay for you to have a sexual relationship with your best friend ? I asked a lot of my friends that question and they said its perfectly find to do that , I total disagree with that because if you and your friend  is having a sexual relationship it should be called friends with benefits not BEST FRIENDS . I looked up the phrase friends with benefits and it said "Two friends that have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved". Then I looked up the word best friends and it said "The one friend that you are closest to ". I believe that people that carry on a sexual relationship are not consider best friend . Sometime your best friend could have a crush on you so they would say thing and that would come off as flirting which then leads to a sexual relationship.
     I have a boy best friend and he doesn't say anything that may make me feel like we should carry on a sexual relationship ; I also believe that boys will be boys , I think boys would jeopardize a good friendship . To me it would be extremely hard for me to have a sexual relationship with my best friend because it would be awkward  I would feel different . Its would be hard for me to talk to you or ask you advice about my BOYFRIEND, This will then lead to another problem cheating , you would be so attach to your best friend coming and comforting you when you boyfriend/girlfriend does something to get you upset. You would start to look for that thing that your boyfriends isn't doing right for you in the person that is close to you (best friend). I understand why my friends say it okay to have a sexual relationship with their best friend because you know that person for years and you would think that you could trust them .

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