Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crushed But Not Hurt ?

A huge collage with a bus and a minivan and a truck  happen on hillside avenue , and no one was injured . I find that to be a miracle . The accident was cause by the local  bus called Q46 the bused rammed into the minivan which then hit the truck . No was was hurt but 6 people including the minivan driver was sent to North Shore Medical Center The accident was so bad that the minivan was crushed by the bus and the truck.The article was directed towards the people that live around the neighborhood and the people that where involved in this horrific accident . The writer of this article had to come up with the facts and he had to see what happened . This article was not objective because he had to present nothing but the facts , he told us that no one died they just walked away with some bruise and head injuries . That's the miracle of god :)

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