Monday, May 16, 2011

Rihanna & Chris Brown Talking again

Chris Brown & Rihanna now talk , Rihanna removed the restraining order she placed on Chris brown back in 2009 . The ex couple can now speak on the phone they can be seen in public and they also can be in the same room (Chris Brown fans this is good news for you ) Now he can finally attend an award show .I believe they are going to get back together because if she is willing to removed the restraing order she is willing to try and fix this relationship . I want them to get back to gether because I believe they both love each other but the media is making it hard for them to try and fix things . If Rihanna goes back with him then she won't be setting a good example for other females that are in a abusive relationship . I believe if you truely love someone you should try and make things work , dont get me wrong "ABUSE IS WRONG" . True love always deserve a second chance , and there is counseling , before they even consider getting back into a relationship they need to see everything that was wrong before and fix it .  Do you think Rihanna & Chris brown should get back together ?

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