Thursday, May 26, 2011

Resturants !

"TGIF" Don't we all like Fridays

Date of Review : Fridays May 25 2011  

Fridays has the best cheese burgers , If your looking for a one of the best burgers you should go to Fridays . There burgers ARE MADE WITH 100% USDA CHOICE BLACK ANGUS BEEF, FIRE-GRILLED TO PERFECTION AND ARRANGED ON A BRIOCHE BUN WITH FRESH LETTUCE, PICKLES, ONION AND VINE RIPE TOMATOES. SERVED WITH SEASONED FRIES . They also have different type of burgers cheese burgers , turkey burgers . The service at Fridays is so nice the waitiers greet you with so much care , and compassion . This is a Family resturant. If you would like to have a bevrage you should try Berry strawberry smoothie , it soo nice and the strawberries makes the drink taste even more splended .

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