Monday, December 6, 2010


Do you believe in love at first sight? Do you believe that you have to be a certain age to fall in love ? Do you believe in love ? I think love is very difficult to understand because to love someone you have to love them and everything about them even their flaws. Sometimes someone may get you so mad that you may say "I hate you". But deep down in your heart you know that you love them . Love can also be a beautiful thing , even people that are married and been married for atleast 15 years enjoy the company of their mate , they start to behave and show more feelings as the years grow. When you are with someone for a long time you learn to adapt to how they act , you learn and know what gets them upset . It takes a while for someone to really fall in love , I think people use the word love in the wrong meaning like someone might say "I love your shirt " I positive that  you don't love my shirt you might like it a lot . We all are going to  fall in love one day ; maybe more then others . Someone told me when you love someone its best to let them go . I will let you decided :)

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